Disaster Mitigation & Response
Reliable, Timely Information for Decision Making

Accurate, timely information in the face of disaster can make the difference between lives, land and property lost or saved. Emergency managers need reliable data to provision resources where they are needed the most. Textron Systems Civil & Commercial offers ongoing and emergency aerial imaging operations to support all stages from mitigation through recovery.

  • Scheduled survey and mapping
  • Search and rescue
  • Pre- and post-disaster comparative analysis
  • Emergency Services
  • 3-D modeling
  • Scheduled survey and mapping

    Accurate, timely survey and mapping provides the information baseline from which emergency managers can begin decision making and asset deployment. With a variety of manned and unmanned platforms available, Textron Systems Civil & Commercial can conduct these operations under a variety of conditions.

  • Search and rescue

    Persistent surveillance keeps continuous eyes in the sky for search and rescue teams. High-resolution, day/night full-motion video payloads extend the team’s reach and capabilities.

  • Pre- and post-disaster comparative analysis

    The company’s analysts have unparalleled expertise understanding and interpreting geospatial data, quickly and reliably. Analysis enables disaster managers to easily identify disaster-ravaged areas and appropriate resources for response efforts.

  • Emergency services

    Payloads can conduct a wide variety of tasks, from the core imagery and persistent surveillance activities to communications relay. A variety of airframes, sensors and communications equipment enable a wide variety of tasks, so customers benefit from multi-mission capability in a single flight.

  • 3-D modeling

    3-D modeling supports floodplain, terrain and burned area damage assessments, helping emergency managers to prioritize response efforts.

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